Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum

Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum – Chicago June 23rd Hosted at Sacred Heart School – 6250 N Sheridan Road. Chicago, IL Brought to you by EdTechTeacher Digital storytelling, in the broadest sense, is about weaving together narrative, imagery, voice and music into media­ rich presentations. Storytelling provides students with opportunities […]

Digital Storytelling Revisited

Digital Storytelling Revisited

Storytelling has always been a significant part of education. In learning to tell stories, students explore sequencing, descriptive language, writing, fluency, adding details, and much more. The act of being able to tell and write a cohesive story is a critical communication skill for all students to develop. In addition to telling stories, there is […]

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Storytelling has always been a significant part of history, but the means through which the stories have been told has evolved with each civilization. From the oral histories presented by bards in ancient courts, to the works of scribes during the Renaissance, to newspapers, CNN, and now the Internet, personal narrative has been used to […]

5 Fantastic Apps for Digital Storytelling on iPad – From Samantha Morra on Free Technology for Teachers


This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Computers, and the digital tools on those computers, brought video editing to the classroom years ago. As those tools became easier to use, more and more students were given opportunities to share and demonstrate knowledge using video. iPad continues to transform the process by integrating the […]

8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling

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Stories bring us together, encourage us to understand and empathize, and help us to communicate. Long before paper and books were common and affordable, information passed from generation to generation through this oral tradition of storytelling. Consider Digital Storytelling as the 21st Century version of the age-old art of storytelling with a twist: digital tools […]

Weekly Resources: Google Tools, Digital Storytelling, & New Posts

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This past week, we have seen an influx of resources for our July 25-26 All Things Google workshop thanks to news from the Google I/O Keynote. We also uncovered new tools and resources for our May 21st Digital Storytelling webinar and July 8-10 Digital Storytelling & Multimedia Student Projects workshop. All Things Google Teacher’s Guide to Adding Images in Google […]

iPads And… Combining the Physical and Digital in Elementary Classrooms – From Beth on A Platform for Good

This post first appeared on A Platform for Good – a new project from the Family Online Safety Institute. When I was still in the classroom, my fourth graders engaged in an interdisciplinary study of Africa culminating in an Africa Travel Fair. Students created booths to advertise a country, and the school community visited the event. During […]