April 30, 2021

Create Instructional Videos with a Progress Bar!

Creating high quality instructional video is a skill set that will benefit all educators that are working with students to help them know and understand course content across all grade levels and content areas. There are countless web tools available to create screencasts and videos and I wanted to share one very helpful and free web tool to level up your instructional videos with a progress bar across the bottom.

You may have seen these types of videos on various social media platforms. When I come across this sort of content, I find my self stopping to watch as I know through the visual cue of the progress bar, what I am getting involved with in terms of duration and time commitment. This same technique can be used when creating instructional videos for students in an educational setting. Kapwing, a free and exceptionally intuitive web based creation tool and video editor allows you to upload an existing video clip, or create one from scratch (front facing web cam video or a screen recording). Once the video is in the Kapwing editor, simple select the progress bar element and the editor will automatically create one across the bottom of the video that runs the duration of the video. Check out the entire creation process in the video walk-through below!

If you found this video creation technique to be helpful, check out the week long summer workshop I am leading: Creating High Quality Instructional Video. The session runs from July 26 – 29th, with 3 live, hour long sessions and a host of resources and materials shared in between.