April 30, 2021

Create Video Discussions with Threadit from Google

Class discussions are a powerful way for students to share their understanding and perspective in a live setting. Yet there are challenges associated with class discussions that often result in some students not participating in the process. Whether they feel uncomfortable sharing their perspective face to face, or they simply need more time to process the ideas being shared before formulating a response, educators may need to consider and create opportunities for students to engage with each other and share their ideas beyond the confines of a physical classroom environment.

Threadit from Google (Area 120), is a helpful video discussion tool that is a perfect fit when educators want to extend the opportunity for students to engage in class discussion beyond the class period or the physical classroom environment. Threadit is a threaded discussion tool that allows students to share their thinking in short video clips that are threaded together. As a Google product, sharing threads with other users is intuitive and acts very similar to sharing any other Google product. Consider how small groups can be created within a larger class discussion, where 4 or 5 students (along with the teacher) could be engaged in a Threadit to continue the process of sharing their thinking. Checkout the entire video walk-through below!

If the idea of using Threadit seems like a valuable addition to your classroom, consider joining EdTechTeacher instructor Greg Kulowiec, this summer as he is leading a series of Summer Workshops that will explore Threadit and additional Google tools to create a dynamic learning environment.

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