August 25, 2021

Creating Educational Presentations and Videos in Canva for EDU

For years, I’ve been an advocate of utilizing a combination of a slideshow program and a screen recorder to create videos.  Through this process, teachers can share new ideas, teach content, explain policies and procedures, and even introduce themselves to new parents and students.  Likewise, students can express their creativity while demonstrating their understanding of content by creating a slideshow.  The ability to augment a slideshow with the creator’s voice brings ideas and presentations to life while augmenting communication and personalizing the experience.  It’s also a wonderful way to practice speaking and listening skills and create a polished presentation that can be published to a wider audience. 

As we compare Canva to programs such as Google Slides, one unique feature is the ability to seamlessly create a video from a set of slides.  Gone is the need for two programs; the presentation and video recording can both be created right within Canva.  So Canva becomes a one-stop shop for creating video presentations. 

Slides can be designed by the student, or they can utilize one of the hundreds of premade templates available in Canva.  Once the presentation is created, teachers and students can utilize the Present and Record feature.  The Present and Record option launches the Canva “Recording Studio” through which they narrate their slides.  A small circle with a video of them appears as well.  The combination of audio and video adds a personal touch, bringing the slides to life.  

To learn more about this process, watch the video below.