I thoroughly enjoy coming up with workflow solutions for iPads. Don Orth (@fonddonorth) recently posted a picture of a well thought out iPad workflow solution for teacher created video feedback on student writing. Don’s diagram below uses a combination of eBackpack, Explain Everything, Reflector and PDF Annotate.

Don’s diagram is outstanding, but I also wanted to provide a solution for schools using Google Apps and iPads. The diagram below uses a combination of Pages, Explain Everything and Google Drive to achieve the same result, teacher created video feedback. Pages could of course be swapped out for any word processing app than can export as PDF and at a $9.99 price tag, that may be necessary in many instances.

A thank you is in order to Don for prompting me to update and finalize the workflow diagram above. As always, I like to highlight which apps were used to create the content in is post & the post itself.

Greg’s Image: Created with Explain Everything & exported to the camera roll.

Original Blog Post on The History 2.0 Classroom: Written with Blogsy & published to a Blogger blog.

Greg and Don are co-teaching Creating Digital Course Content at the iPad Summit Pre-Conference. For more on iPad workflow, you can also come join us in Atlanta, Boston, or Chicago this summer!


  1. Richard Says

    It would be great if Greg’s workflow included an option that didn’t require students to have explain everything. I like the idea of exporting the teacher video to Dropbox and have students view it on their IPads from Dropbox.

    • Beth Holland Says

      Richard, there are few apps that are as robust as Explain Everything. However, Doceri and Pagesend are two free options that export to camera roll so that videos can then be shared via Dropbox.

  2. Richard Says

    Thanks Beth! I will look into those apps right away. I look forward to the next webinar! I just wish that they could be held at a later time for all of us international users. I usually end up watching the recorded version.

    Also, I am slowly making my way through all the resources from the Atlanta summit! I really enjoyed the presentation about games in the classroom!

  3. Elizabeth Trembley Says

    I am wondering if there is a workflow to use this without student ipads. I would love to try the video feedback on the students’ work. I can get their work into my Explain Everything on my ipad and the .xpl files back to GDrive. But then, they can’t read them. And I find that creating a video to the camera roll makes in impossible to upload to any cloud service (drive, dropbox). I wind up having to plug the ipad in, going through the rigamaroll with Image Capture, then uploading. If anyone has any suggestions about how to better do this, I’d love to hear it. Or, for that matter, why the videos won’t upload to any cloud service as .mp4–maybe I’m doing something wrong!

    • Beth Holland Says

      Hi Elizabeth.
      Two thoughts:

      1. If you connect Dropbox to your camera roll, then you can save the video to your camera & upload to Dropbox. From there, you can share with your students via a link that they can access on any device.
      2. Consider creating a class YouTube account. You can upload videos to that account, keeping them private, and then share the links with your students.

      I hope that helps!

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