June 20, 2014

The Future of Learning – from Beth Holland
This post first appeared on Edutopia.
We have always struggled to envision the future, often superimposing new technology over our current views. Remember the Jetsons? Though they lived in a futuristic society marked by flying cars and advanced technology, the students still learned in a lecture-based system with the teacher (albeit a robot one) directing the process from the front of the room. The challenge of imagining the future of learning can seem daunting. However, snapshots already exist. We just need to look beyond our current classrooms to identify some of the key tenets for our learning environments of the future. In the future, students could learn in flexible, customizable environments designed to best meet their needs and choose from a virtually unlimited quiver of tools and devices. Teachers could continually assess and adapt curriculum to best support their students. And with ubiquitous access to mobile technology, learning is no longer constrained by an arbitrary time period or even the physical dimensions of a school. In the end, we could create resource-rich, student-centric, active learning environments for our students. >> Read the Full Article on Edutopia To learn more from Beth Holland, she will be leading a number of Summer Workshops. ETTsummer1