February 22, 2013

Weekly Resources and Suggestions
At EdTechTeacher, with regard to iPads, we started last spring with Why? - as in Why iPad? and Why Mobile Device? We looked at the pathway from Consumption to Creation to Curation and, more recently, to Connection.

All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen

Last week, Co-Founder Justin Reich wrote, all the good apps fit on one screen. At first glance, that statement may seem counterintuitive; and yet, a search for #onescreen on Twitter reveals not only a host of creative solutions but also reinforces the concept that "educators shouldn’t think of iPads as repositories of apps but rather as portable media creation devices."

App Smashing: Part I

"After working with iPads for any amount of time in the classroom, one will quickly realize that most processes can't be completed with just one app," wrote EdTechTeacher's Greg Kulowiec a few days ago. "While many apps slightly overlap in terms of functionality, there tends to be a few black holes in each app that require the use of another app to complete the process. This leads us to App Smashing."
App Smashing Defined: The process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a final task or project.
On his History 2.0 Classroom blog, Greg walks through his favorite smash where students create a web based timeline to capture their learning, to share a digital portfolio, or to capture an event, era or topic of study. App Smashing will certainly be a topic in both the April iPad Summit as well as our Summer Workshops.

Weekly Resources & Suggestions

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