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A conversation with Reshan Richards and Greg Kulowiec

Learn more about Explain Everything 3.0 when Greg Kulowiec, checks in with educator and co-creator of Explain Everything, Dr. Reshan Richards about the newest updates to our favorite Screencasting app.

Blog Posts about Explain Everything

Google Drive X Explain Everything = Embedded Video Reflections – from Greg Kulowiec

This post first appeared on Greg’s blog – The History 2.0 Classroom If you read this blog, it comes as no surprise that I often use and find Explain Everything to be the most remarkable and powerful application that can be used …

“Keep explaining”- Exploring complex uses for Explain Everything by Greg Kuloweic – From Kate Wilson

Keep Explaining! This session is Greg (@gregkuloweic) not necessarily going over what the technical aspects of Explain Everything (@explainevrythng) but its going to more about how to use it to enhance your learning. Reshan Richards (@reshanrichards), creator of the app, is in …

Explain Everything: Demonstrating Understanding with Screen Casting with Reshan Richards – from Jennifer Carey

This post first appeared on Jennifer Carey’s blog. My first session is “Explain Everything: Demonstrating Understanding with Screencasting” by Reshan Richards. It highlights one of my favorite iPad Apps, Explain Everything. You can see the slides for Reshan’s presentation here.  Here’s a great, quick tutorial …

iPads X Video Feedback: Pages, Explain Everything & Google Drive – from Greg

I thoroughly enjoy coming up with workflow solutions for iPads. Don Orth (@fonddonorth) recently posted a picture of a well thought out iPad workflow solution for teacher created video feedback on student writing. Don’s diagram below uses a combination of eBackpack, Explain …

Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit – Guest Post from Reshan Richards

This is a guest post from iPad Summit San Diego featured presenter, Dr. Reshan Richards (@ReshanRichards). It first appeared on EdTechResearcher. I have recently been writing about the qualitative formative assessment toolkit (QFAT for short) which is something that has come out of my …

The Role of the Real World in a Digital Classroom – from Beth Holland & Greg Kulowiec on Edudemic

This post, co-authored by Greg Kulowiec & Beth Holland, first appeared on Edudemic. Lately, when talking with teachers about bringing mobile devices into their classrooms, a common concern has surfaced – that connections to the physical world are being sacrificed by over-emphasizing …

Cardboard Box Tools – from Beth Holland

This post first appeared on Edutopia. … We can learn a lot from children’s infatuations with cardboard boxes. It shows us how much they want to shape and construct new things, how they long for the freedom to create. In fact, as illustrated …


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Explain Everything Tutorials & Examples

Pop up Video with Explain Everything from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.

How to create pop-up style videos with Explain Everything on an iPad.


Teaching with Explain Everything from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.

How to open PPT and PDF files in Explain Everything.

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