April 10, 2013

iPad Summit Pre-Conference Wrap Up
We had an amazing day of learning thanks to our spectacular instructors: Tom Daccord, Greg Kulowiec, Douglas Kiang, Shawn McCusker, Jill Gough, Darren Kuropatwa, Tedd Landraf, Rhonda Mitchell, Don Orth, Chris Harrow, Jeff Morrison, Tammy Bailey, Marsha Harris, and Tony Perez. All of the presentation materials can be found on the iPad Summit web site. Here are a few thoughts, ideas, and images from the day.
How this video came together
  1. Apps Used: Animoto, Twitter, & Camera Roll
  2. Saved images from Tweets to Camera Roll
  3. Copy & Pasted Tweets into Animoto (Hint: Have to choose option to Quote Retweet in order to be able to copy & paste)
  4. Used Computer to login to Animoto.com, grab embed code and paste into blog post
We will be live blogging throughout the conference thanks to the talents of Jen Carey. If you would like your posts re-blogged here at EdTechTeacher, be sure to Tweet links with #ettipad. For those of you who were unable to make it to Atlanta, or who are looking for more, we will be offering iPad workshops in Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago this summer!