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Since schools and curricula are organized around subject areas, it makes sense for teachers to think about student creativity in terms of subject-area skills. Teachers are encouraged to think about subject-area manifestations of student creativity, so that they can identify creative student responses and start to design creative learning experiences.

As we think about nurturing student creativity, we need to keep in mind that humans possess more cognitive flexibility and adaptability than rules-based computers, and our teaching should strive to hone and express that creativity. Student creativity is not only about self-expression; it’s a critical educational objective.

Flipgrid is a fantastic tool that students can utilize to create videos.  Using Flipgrid, students can record videos of themselves telling a story, speaking in a target language, practicing reading fluency, solving a math problem, and much more.  Flipgrid can be accessed from almost any device including computers, iPads, Chromebooks, and smartphones.  When students are […]

Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are making it a whole month with FREE EdTechTeacher webinars over the next few weeks.

Technology in the service of learning is the foundation of the work that we do at EdTechTeacher. While technology can provide efficiencies for educators, allow for streamlined instruction, and facilitates distribution of digital assignments, we try to embrace technology in the hands of students as a creation platform. There are countless tools available for students […]

Class discussions are a powerful way for students to share their understanding and perspective in a live setting. Yet there are challenges associated with class discussions that often result in some students not participating in the process. Whether they feel uncomfortable sharing their perspective face to face, or they simply need more time to process […]

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