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Canva for EDU is integrated with several different learning management systems, and more integration is coming.  Teachers utilizing Google Classroom can currently import rosters into Canva, and push activities or assignments via Google Classroom.  Canva also has some systems built in to facilitate a feedback workflow between teachers and students.  

As we compare Canva to programs such as Google Slides, one unique feature is the ability to seamlessly create a video from a set of slides. Gone is the need for two programs; the presentation and video recording can both be created right within Canva. So Canva becomes a one-stop shop for creating video presentations.

Canva for Education is a fantastic creation program for teachers and students. From infographics or posters to multimedia presentations or even printables, teachers and students can combine thousands of free elements such as fonts, graphics, photos, music, and more as they create.

Canva for EDU has many templates that are already created and can serve as an entry point to help students explore the program’s possibilities. By using a pre-made template, students can get ideas about what is possible and then learn the mechanics of the program by changing the design elements and settings as they customize the template.

Since schools and curricula are organized around subject areas, it makes sense for teachers to think about student creativity in terms of subject-area skills. Teachers are encouraged to think about subject-area manifestations of student creativity, so that they can identify creative student responses and start to design creative learning experiences.

As we think about nurturing student creativity, we need to keep in mind that humans possess more cognitive flexibility and adaptability than rules-based computers, and our teaching should strive to hone and express that creativity. Student creativity is not only about self-expression; it’s a critical educational objective.

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