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Some features of Google Workspace are just hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered. EdTechTeacher’s Shawn McCusker shares 10 Google Workspace skills that are powerful yet overlooked.

Educational technologies, when carefully designed and thoughtfully applied, have the power to amplify the impact of high-quality teaching and learning. In this workshop presented at #FETC 2023, participants explored specific technology integration strategies that can help take Project-Based Learning experiences to the next level!

Project-based learning is all about student inquiry, collaboration, creation, reflection, and sharing with an authentic audience. Book Creator is design to enhance all of this, and more! Here are four reasons why Book Creator is so well-suited to PBL experiences.

We are excited to announce the all-new EdTechTeacher Summer Learning Pass for 2023! Educators familiar with our last 20 years of high-quality workshops can now access EVERY workshop held this summer with one low-cost membership of $195. We are conducting 12 amazing workshops over six weeks that consist of three live one-hour webinars and a host of helpful resources.

Artificial Intelligence is a fast-growing field attracting much educator interest. Much attention has been paid to ChatGPT, an AI assistant that can write essays, poetry, and code, roleplay, more. This post helps explain Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT in context and outlines how they are impacting education.

In this episode of the EduTechGuys podcast, David and Jeff interview EdTechTeacher’s Tom Driscoll to discuss a variety of topics related to civics education and how technology can amplify the impact of quality social studies instruction in a variety of powerful ways. Enjoy the episode!

Digital storytelling represents a path to happier, healthier students and a more equitable classroom while teaching the necessary skills to succeed in the modern workplace. That may sound boastful and hyperbolic, but current research bears it out. Consider these ways that digital storytelling can help.

We are excited to be attending FETC 2023 from January 24th – 26th in New Orleans!  We invite all of you in attendance to join us for several events that we will be a part of.   Also reach out if you’d like to connect and chat!  As is typically the case with edtech conferences, it is the conversations and connections that are made in between sessions that are often the most powerful.  Check out the events we will be leading below, we hope to see you there!

The global transition toward remote communication has been one of the most profound and lasting effects recent world events have had. Students and teachers, employers, employees, and even families have had to adapt to the growing need to interact wirelessly.

Check out the resources from our NCSS 2022 session “Enhancing Civics Through Games, Simulations, & Contests”

“Web 3.0” has been the center of much discussion this year. Advocates believe that Web 3.0 will unleash a radical and beneficial transformation of the Internet. Detractors claim that Web 3.0 is little more than a buzzword for marketing purposes. The following Q&A aims to introduce EdTechTeacher readers to Web 3.0 and outline how it may affect education.

Book Creator has dropped a couple of new updates recently. Find out how to bring your PDFs back to life in Book Creator, plus learn about a secret BONUS update that teachers have been waiting for!

We are thrilled to announce that EdTechTeacher is now a core member of Adobe’s Official Training Partner for Education Program! Adobe’s shared vision is for millions of educators to feel empowered to integrate Adobe tools into their classrooms as a result of trainings delivered by authorized Adobe Training Partners for Education.

We are excited to announce that Shawn McCusker is joining the EdTechTeacher team as our new Senior Director of Professional Learning! 

Historians credit Lotte Scharfman, a refugee who escaped with her family from Austria during World War II, with coining the phrase “Democracy is not a spectator sport.” 

Socializing students for democracy doesn’t belong to one subject area: It belongs to all of us. Here are three strategies that you can use to foster those skills in your classroom.

Agency through the lens of digital learning is the intersection and application of three domains of digital learning: Wellness, Competency, and Creativity. 

I believe that eventually, all schools will transition to mastery/competency-based programs that are student-centered and student-driven. It is inevitable…

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We’ll look at five EdTech organizations that give the kids unique educational experiences and one that focuses on assisting teachers. 

Use screencast videos to create unique EdTech materials for your students. Learn how you can make an excellent educational video using screencast software.

Teaching is an art. Only those who strive to become the best teacher for their students can achieve career success. But there are also several practical tips on how to become a good teacher.

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