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ChatGPT can provide personalized language instruction to students and can adapt to their individual needs, interests, and proficiency levels. So, students can leverage ChatGPT as a language practice partner.

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The rollout of new AI tools has been so fast-paced that it is hard to keep up with every one of the tools that enters the market. My personal list fizzled out once it reached 120 tools and when I had the realization that AI will be everywhere.

We are thrilled to announce that, “Becoming Active Citizens: Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum,” authored by EdTechTeacher’s Tom Driscoll and Shawn McCusker, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Foreword INDIES Gold Award for Education!

Lindy Hockenbary is an educator whose strength is helping other educators utilize technology to enhance learning experiences. Lindy knows the educational technology market in and out as she has spent her career in various roles in the education field.

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Sam Kary is a keynote speaker, writer, and the dynamic founder of New EdTech Classroom, a popular YouTube channel that supports teachers with purposeful technology integration. 

When I tell people that my first graders could not only code, but explain to others how to code, people look at me with disbelief. But it’s true. My students, and I do mean ALL of my students, were successful coders. 

ChatGPT can quickly generate game ideas, content, and questions, saving teachers time in the process. ChatGPT can be also tailored to the specific needs and interests of a class, helping teachers create games that are relevant and engaging for their students.

Shawn McCusker is an author and Senior Director of Professional Learning at EdTechTeacher. He has 25 years of experience as a teacher and leader in public, private and alternative schools. 

One of the easiest ways to allow your students voice and choice in the classroom is to provide them with a variety of choices that provides the opportunity to express their learning in a way that allows them to feel successful. Cue Adobe Express!

Tom Driscoll is an author, keynote speaker and CEO of EdTechTeacher. Following his graduate research at Columbia University, Tom began writing and speaking nationally about his practical experiences teaching and iterating blended learning models.

Students can learn a variety of complex concepts and processes through examples. ChatGPT can generate many examples on numerous topics and do so within a matter of seconds.

We are excited to launch our new Spring Renewal Free Webinar Series! Choose any (or all!) of the free webinars and join our world-class instructors as they provide helpful strategies, edtech recommendations and answer participant questions. Learn more about each upcoming webinar below.

ChatGPT is a particularly useful writing generator and can also save teachers much time. Teachers can use ChatGPT to assist them in the writing of (among other things): curriculum materials, feedback on student work, rubrics, discussions questions, grammar or vocabulary lessons, and a mindmap of a course. 

Shawn O’Neill is an experienced classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and presenter.  She has spent over 24 years teaching in the elementary-level classroom and is currently a professor at Bridgewater State University, teaching in the Elementary Education Department.

Google Workspace Offer 2023

We are excited to announce a new Google Workspace offer for 2023! If you purchased G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) on a promotional discount & you commit to transition to Education Plus in 2023, you are entitled to get FREE PD services from us at EdTechTeacher!

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