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Post by EdTechTeacher Instructor Tom Driscoll (@TomDriscollEDU) In my latest session of our EdTechTeacher Back to School webinar series, I took participants on a dive into “Podcasting with PBL”. Our focus was on exploring ways that we can leverage the power of audio and podcasting to take PBL (Project-Based Learning) units to the next level. […]

Mote is a powerful Google Chrome Extension that allows audio recordings to be seamlessly included in a variety of Google environments including: the comments of Google Docs or Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Classroom.  In Google Classroom, Mote recordings can be a part of the instructions of an assignment, or they can be […]

As part of our EdTechTeacher Back to School webinar series, I recently led a “Virtual Tours with Google for EDU” session. You can check out the video archive of this 30-minute webinar here!

Receiving a university degree helps accomplish some of such dreams. However, while you study, there are always some additional benefits that are less obvious from having a college education yet essential.

Canva for EDU is integrated with several different learning management systems, and more integration is coming.  Teachers utilizing Google Classroom can currently import rosters into Canva, and push activities or assignments via Google Classroom.  Canva also has some systems built in to facilitate a feedback workflow between teachers and students.  

As we compare Canva to programs such as Google Slides, one unique feature is the ability to seamlessly create a video from a set of slides. Gone is the need for two programs; the presentation and video recording can both be created right within Canva. So Canva becomes a one-stop shop for creating video presentations.

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